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boschiroli srl: Crafting Excellence in Certified Welding Services.

About boschiroli srl: Precision Welding, Certified Excellence.

boschiroli srl is a top-tier welding service provider. With extensive expertise, we specialize in TIG, MIG, laser, and more, delivering top-notch welding solutions.

Key Welding Statistics and Facts

Explore our extensive range of welding projects, demonstrating our proficiency and unwavering dedication to precision in every task.


Years of Mastery

20 years of welding expertise, ensuring precision and quality.


Our Distinguished Welding Portfolio

We have completed over 700 welding projects, delivering exceptional precision and exceeding industry standards.


Certified Welding Services

Our team has executed more than 1000 welding jobs, ensuring high-quality results for diverse applications.


Specialized Welding Solutions

We have also completed over 400 specialized welding projects, providing top-tier services for various industries.

Luca Rossi

Operations Manager

I highly recommend Boschiroli SRL for their exceptional welding services and professionalism.

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boschiroli srl: Leading experts in certified welding processes including TIG, MIG, Robot, Laser, Electrode, and Brazing. We deliver top-notch welding solutions tailored for your unique needs. Contact us today to see how we can bring precision and quality to your projects.